If we build it… they will come!  

ZMS is accepting Donations and Aeroplan miles to support building necessary accommodations and to drill water wells in Maumbe, Zimbabwe to host a team of  15 Cowichan Valley Optometrists.  They will  give eye care to 1000 people and custom make glasses for those in need!  This will be the first medical care this area has seen and the beginning of many more. Scroll down to Donate Today and make a difference from one community to another!

Amy and Tafadzwa Matamba are Performing Artists, Educators, Inclusive Leaders and Cultural Ambassadors who live and work on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada, and in Zimbabwe, Africa. Together they promote local arts and culture, help to preserve traditions and heritage, and serve local and sister communities in order to better lives and make a difference.

Mbira Spirit

Mbira Spirit brings the most distinguished rhythms and harmonies of Zimbabwe to North America’s all time favourites and in so many genres! Professional artists and musicians combining their cultures and musical experiences to create a most magical and special performance that has audiences clapping, dancing, and embracing the message of peace, love, and diversity! With fantastic harmonies, vibrant dancing and a joyful, unforgettable presence, Mbira Spirit’s high energy performance and unique African influence is waking up audiences around Vancouver Island! Mbira Spirit makes a difference in community!

Zimbabwe Music Society

The purpose of the Zimbabwe Music Society is to promote arts and culture and preserve the traditions and heritage of Vancouver Island and Zimbabwe to better lives and make a difference.  The society will also support education, scholarships, cultural exchanges, medical support, soccer academy, drilling wells, agriculture and sustainable living. These purposes will be promoted through participation in community events, social media, website, and working with community partners.
Find out how you can participate in the Zimbabwe Music Society.